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Kotani Pay is a technology stack that enables blockchain protocols, dapps, and blockchain fintech companies to integrate seamlessly to local payment channels providing them with a reliable on ramp and off ramp service to reach a wider customer base in Africa.

Our technology is enabling companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in lending, savings, insurance, gig work and community incentive systems.


How Our partners benefit

Let us know if you would like to take advantage of some of the features that the Kotani Pay platform provides for protocols, Dapps, platforms and blockchain Fintech startups.

Extensive payment Channels

Kotani Pay is integrated into the leading mobile money platforms in Africa, not only providing a seamless experience to your users, but also giving you access to the large customer bases they serve..

Access to deep liquidity

Our agency model allows us to tap into a large pool of decentralized capital that serves Kotani Pay customers in their local assets, we are also part of the growing decentralized finance movement, giving us access to decentralized pools of digital assets.

Clean & Secure APIs

We provide secure APIs to lending protocols, payment platforms, saving circles, exchanges, dapps and teams innovating around value transfer.

We offer dedicated support and great documentation for your developer teams.


Facilitating AI gigwork payments in Africa.

Toca is a Gigwork and microwork platform that leverages the speed and flexibility of the Celo blockchain to provide payments to annotators and other Artificial Intelligence workers in Africa.

Toca allows its users in Africa to receive instant payments at a fraction of the cost, and using kotani pay, cash out into their preferred mobile money wallets.

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Built to scale user adoption

USSD payments

No downloads, no data, no learning curves, fast and simple for users across Africa.

Clean and Secure APIs

We provide support throughout your development and integration process, accelerating time to market.

Intelligent Data and alerts

Get intelligent data about how your users are leveraging the on ramp and off ramp services from our dashboard platform.

Fully transparent- Everything is on the blockchain

View all transactions as and when they occur, it is immutable and secure.



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